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DIY Smartphone Case … all brand-new!

This quick & easy DIY will help avoiding all possibility of confusion when it comes to your smartphone! All you need is a poker work pen and possibly your leather case you’d like to decorate. I was bored out of my mind, seeing my smartphone case all blank and monotone, which is why I decided to brand it with my favorite quote from Ze Frank’s Invocation of beginnings  (video link down below). But: I have to warn you. Branding leather stinks!  Therefore, you should only try it in a well ventilated room or – even better – directly out in the open (for example on your balkony). You’ll need: a poker work pen, the leather case (which you want to decorate), some paper, a pen and a thick piece of cloth or leather for tryouts.   Make sure that it is real leather you’re working with. Imitations will only melt, smell bad and look awful afterwards. If you like, you can start right away. Alternatively, you can scribble some drafts on a piece of paper …