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Logo-mania is runnin‘ wild! Or: A logo for my blog: How do I get there?

Actually… I don’t know. But I will know, once you guys come in to give me a little feedback on which logo should become the logo of my blog! I took some time for scribbles and reduced all sketches to three drafts I cannot yet wrap my brain around … or at least I cannot yet admit that I maybe … just maybe … have decided already. And that’s where you guys are needed! All you whizzy creative brains out there: Please vote for your favorit draft(s) and tell me, which logo you like best!

Granted, neither a robot nor a humming top have anything in common with all the different topics of my blog, like baking, sewing, knitting and stuff. But: I am sick of collages! Which is why I got rid of all the copy-paste-puzzle-madness and just followed my guts.

Furthermore, I really love robots with a vintage-like style and I really did play with a humming top just like this one, when I was a child. It was handed down from generations of grandmas in our family … so there is definitely some nostalgia going on here!

Anyhow … take a vote about your favorite logo(s) and thank you guys so much in advance! ❤

The poll will be active for a week, startig today 🙂



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  1. byecomparison sagt

    I really like your style! They’re all adorable. The top isn’t something I’ve seen many places, so I voted for the top for originality 🙂

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