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Sweet & easy: Dessert: Apple Crumble

My most favorite fruit next to strawberries are apples. The variety of recipes is nearly endless. Let’s add one more to the pile, shall we? 🙂  Especially when time is running short, we are looking for something delicious but with relatively little effort. So: grab yourself some apples and let’s do this!

This is all you need:

apples (depending on how big your oven dish is, 5-6), an oven dish :-), apple juice, some cinnamon (if you are into that stuff), 300g flour, 100-150g butter, 100g sugar, a small kitchen knife, a bowl and, as a serving suggestion: vanilla ice cream.

And that’s how you do it:

Preheat the oven to 160-180ºC/350ºF/gas 4. Slice your apples into small pieces. If you like, you can peel them before that. Put them into your oven dish along with 100-200ml apple juice. If you want cinnamon in there, mix it with the juice before you pour it over your apples. Now mix the flour, butter and suger in a bowl until your dough is nice and firm. Do not use to much butter. The dough should not be sticking to your fingers at the end.

Crumble the dough into small pieces and cover the apples with it.

All you have to do now is leave it in the oven for 20-40 minutes. Your crumble is ready when your dough has a nice golden colour, the juice is bubbling up and/or the apples are mushy.

Serving suggestions:

The sheer crumble is already a delight. But: if you like, you can let it cool down a little and add vanilla ice cream to it. Actually it is the simple things in life that make us happy sometimes ❤

Macht Lärm!

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