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DIY: embroidery hoop: a stitch in time saves nine!

You are looking for some wall decoration that sticks to everyone’s mind? Ok. It’s a pun, yes. And not a very good one either. But the idea of using embroidery hoops to decorate a wall is good … not new … but good. And good is good enough for me to try it, for embroidery hoops are the perfect complement to picture frames, postcards, canvases and stuff.

I also made a special one for John Green’s famous book The Fault in our stars. If you have read the book already, you will know that „this is not a pipe“ :-D.

All you need are of course embroidery hoops in different sizes and to your liking, some leftover fabric, embroidery needles (with dull ends … very finger-friendly indeed 🙂 ), embroidery thread, quadrille paper, a pencil, pliers, some string or nails and a hammer to put it up later.

And this is how you stick it to … the hoop

First, you need a motive. I scribbled all my drafts on quadrille paper. For quadrille paper can be of great help if you want to stitch your fabric with a cross stitch (each square matches one cross stitch). But even if you use another stich like I did, for example the lockstich, stemstitch, backstitch or the splitstitch, making a draft is never a bad idea 🙂 I also found a website with a pretty good explanation of 10 run-of-the-mill stitches you should know.

If you are also interested in the fonts I used, you can google „soymilk“ and „moonflower“. I stumbled upon them via pinterest. But I am sure, you will hit paydirt. 🙂

Now, copy the whole draft with your pencil. Make sure that you use as little pressure as possible, to avoid thick lines (they might be visible afterwards!). If you want to, you can stretch the fabric already and use the embroidery hoop for more stability. See to it, that you tighten the screw with your pliers. Otherwise the fabric might slip or wrinkle up.

Aaaaand … we’re nearly done. There is nothing left to do but to stitch along your sketched lines until you’re finished. To hang up your hoop, you can use a piece of string or you can knock in a nail and attach the frame directly to it. If you like to try it yourself  🙂 I’d really love to see some of your work … for variety is the spice of life 😉

Macht Lärm!

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