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Knights’ Games in Freienfels

I lost my heart to horses and knights … again … Anne amongst knights in Freienfels! Dashing horses and riders geared up for battle, the sound of bursting lances, the heavy smell of burning wood and smoked pork (I am a vegetarian though), a dark ale rarefied with mead, symphonias, kettledrums, bagpipes and delicacies from the famous feldbeckerey (a medieval bakery from Rieden, Germany) … I’ve been to Freienfels once again, to attend the knights‘ games. Klick here to see all pictures at once. Or just enjoy the gallery:

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And I must confess: If I had the time and the necessary wherewithal, I’d be up on that horse in no time, riding along with all the other knights in shining armour. But: Things can always change 🙂 And I have no better explanation than this: It must be my medieval-Mr. Hyde, creeping to the surface and surpressing my everyday-Dr. Jekyll, for I was all lovey-dovey again once I set foot on the fair.

Fun fact: The knights‘ games in Freienfels are held to support the preservation of the local fortress.

To cut a long story short: I can do nothing more but to share my most precious impressions with you. And I honestly hope that you will find the time to attend to some knights‘ games close by.

Macht Lärm!

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