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Irland 2014

Did you know that Arthur and Olivia Guinness had 21 (!) children? That the genious who invented the hoky poky is burried in Dublin? And that Oscar Wilde had nothing to declare but his genius? You didn’t? Well, in that case … a visit to Dublin’s fair city is overdue!

My husband and I spent christmas in Ireland last year. It was actually not as cold as we expected. Sometimes the sun shone so bright, it could have easily been summer … or at least spring. We took a tour in the Wicklow Mountains National Park  and fell in love with the beautiful countryside immediately. For Ireland is always good for a surprise, there is a cliff walk only 30km away from the park. It takes you at least 2 1/2 hours to take this wonderful hike from Bray to Greystone. (And you do not need to be an expert on hiking to master it 🙂 .)

If you come to Dublin for the first time, take the buses around town. (They offer hop-on-and-off-tours at the tourist office.) This way, you can easily visit all famous sights in Dublin without getting lost. And: If you like to stay …. say, for example, … a little longer at the National History Museum, you can get off the bus, take your time at the museum and get on the next bus when your done looking at amazing weaponary or bog mummys. 😉 (they hand out schedules so that you can check at what time the last bus is leaving). Even if it is getting dark during your last ride. Stay on the bus! The drivers are hilarious: they always come up with cool stories and they do not hesitate to sing a song or two … e.g. the one on Molly Malone.

Last but not least: do visit the Temple Bar. Yes, you can buy magnets in the form of the pub. Yes , it is overpriced and totally crowded. But: it is also totally awesome 🙂 Traditional live music and all the good liqours await thee!


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